Hadleigh Frost
Email: frost at maths dot ox dot ac dot uk


05.2020 Surface cluster algebras and the perturbation series, Oxford

02.2020 Elementary proofs of BCJ and KLT, DAMTP

01.2020 Projective geometry, Queen’s college

11.2019 Cartan and Einstein, Black Hole Initiative

11.2018 Locally acyclic cluster algebras

05.2018 Veneziano amplitude and multiple zetas

12.2017 Correlators of spin fields

11.2017 Notes on ambitwistor spaces

10.2017 Hilbert schemes of points notes

05.2017 Floer cohomology

01.2017 Heat kernel expansions in GR

Problem sets

“Optics” course, for first year physics students: 2019 lectures, problem sets.

General relativity problem sets for B5, MPhys: warm-up problems, Schwarzschild, gravitational radiation, cosmology.