The Imminent Galactic Collision

Unless you are from the distant future, you are living on a big sphere – let’s call it earth. A couple of days from the earth is a second sphere that is about one third the size – the ‘moon’. The moon orbits the center of mass of the moon-earth system …. it goes around and around the earth lots. Both the moon and the earth are very far away from a ridiculously large sphere of skin meltingly hot hydrogen and helium (and a few other things). These spheres of hydrogen are often referred to as stars. We call our one the sun – excuse the pun.

Lets call the distance between the earth and the sun ‘Q’. Then, there is another sphere called Jupiter that is 5Q away from the sun. Saturn is 10Q away, Uranus is 20Q and Neptune is 30Q. Wow, Q was a big distance … so, that Neptune thing is super massively far away from the sun.

Funny I should say that because the sun is just one of over 100,000,000,000 stars in a big blob of stars called the Milky Way Galaxy. (Some idiot called it that because it looks kind of milky at night time – but I’m offended they weren’t taking the whole thing more seriously…)

If everything from the sun to Neptune was the size of a 2.5cm coin, the galaxy would be the size of half of Australia. That is very big. I’m not even making it up.

It just so happens that our galaxy is one of over 100,000,000,000 galaxies out there in the observable universe (which isn’t even the whole universe!?!?!) … and we’re heading straight for one of them. Yes, in four billion years time, our galaxy will smash into the Andromeda galaxy making a new galaxy we will call the Andromeda Way Galaxy – because we will be just as boring then as we are now.

Actually, we won’t even exist because the sun will have become so bright and luminous that everything on earth will have been burnt to death.