No College, No Kids

P1 Society has access to an unprecedented amount of resources per capita.

P2 Many people do not directly contribute to resource production and manufacture.

P3 In fact, most people do not.

P4 We can still feed these people.

P5 People obtain subsistence through their participation in the consumerist economy which allows people to be employed in the management of goods and services extraneous to our needs and catering only to the desires that we instill in ourselves using financially incentivized propaganda.

P6 To successfully procreate is to be responsible for the creation of a conscious being.

P7 Society produces a surplus of the resources necessary for child rearing and survival.

Corollary 1. Society encourages successful procreative events.

Corollary 2. Genuine participation in society promotes society’s resource production and effectiveness.

Corollary 3. All genuine citizens are responsible for the creation of conscious beings.

P8 Conscious thought is the awareness and comprehension of a world distinct from oneself.

P9 Conscious beings are unique in their ability to undertake conscious thought.

P10 It is good for a conscious being to be allowed to make maximal use of their ability to think.

Corollary 4. It is good for conscious beings to be given an opportunity to reflect on how they could use their conscious thought.

Corollary 5. It is not moral to deny a conscious being the opportunity for reflection if you have the resources to allow for it.

P11 College spaces, and their attendant activities, are conducive to self-examination and self-reflection.

P12 The economic pressures to professionalize and consume are not conducive to reflection.

Corollary 6. It is not moral to create a conscious being in a world dominated by consumption and commerce without also providing college spaces.

THUS, do not breed (or encourage breeding by participating in society) unless college spaces exist and your offspring (or your compatriots’ offspring) will likely be allowed to use them.

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