I am mostly empty space. Even so, I study theoretical physics.

You are welcome to message me using my contact page.

I completed my bachelor’s degree at Canterbury University and my master’s degree at Oxford. My undergraduate project commented on canonical gravity. During my master’s degree I wrote about gravitational memory in the context of Weinberg’s soft theorem. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Oxford in the mathematical physics group. At this minute — speaking statistically — I’m probably reading something or else asleep.

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  1. I received a lot of emails fromo your page and that’s very good (Did you think that this was a complaint?) … I want to read the article of J. LOw about null geodesics in your physics section of this page … A big hug for you Frost 😀 … Luis México …

    • Thanks — I am still sorry for the emails, though: I have no control over them! I was just re-organising the blog, not publishing anything new.

      Low’s paper is cool. I can’t remember much: he discussed the topology of the space of null geodesics. Causality came up a lot. The paper is not on arXiv. Have you got access to it?

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